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John Mayer,
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John Mayer-Shadow Days (New Single)

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Aumenta o volume, por favor! Ainda consigo ouvir meu coraçao…

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wants to do everything possible to keep you, to win you over, to make sure you never leave. I want to go to the extreme to show you that you’ve found the right girl. I want to look absolutely perfect every time i see you & i want to say the funniest/wittiest things every time we talk. I want to do…

I know exactly what youre felling, cause i fell exactly the same…

=) q fofo!

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Tem gente que machuca os outros tem gente que não sabe amar.
Renato Russo

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Só espero que ele melhore…!!! Logo!!

Just hope he gets better…!!! Soon!!


Hi everyone,

After several months of going week to week monitoring and hoping to correct the condition, I am forced to cancel my upcoming singing engagements due to something next to my vocal cords called a granuloma.

I’m bummed to have to bow out of both the iheartradio Music Festival in Las…

Às vezes também sou imatura. Não dá pra ser madura o tempo todo, e isso é até bom. Quando as coisas amadurecem demais acabam apodrecendo.
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